Best Treats for Your Dog Are Grain Free – Why?

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Giving your dog treats is an effective way to offer rewards during training, but it is important to make sure you are buying healthy treats. Many dog treats on the market contain fillers, such as grains, that do not provide much nutrition. In some cases, they can also trigger allergic reactions or digestive issues. You can avoid these problems by looking for the best grain-free dog treats.

Problems With Grain Fillers

Fillers are ingredients that pet treat manufacturers sometimes add to their products in order to reach certain calorie counts and energy requirements. These ingredients, which include grains, rice and corn, are considered empty calories because they do not provide dogs with the nutritional content they need, such as protein. Fillers are an inexpensive way for manufacturers to bulk-up dog food and treats, which is why they are used so often.


Unfortunately, fillers are associated with a number of issues in dogs. Fillers can lead to problems with digestion and allergies in some dogs. They can also make it harder for dogs to get all of the nutrients they need in order to stay a healthy dog. When dogs fill up on these treats, they are not as likely to fill up on their dog food, which could end up causing nutritional deficiencies. Dog treats with fillers can also cause dogs to gain an unhealthy amount of weight and become obese, which raises their risk of developing more serious health problems.

Grain-Free Dog Treats

Getting the best grain-free dog treats helps ensure that your dog is not filling up on empty calories. It also reduces the risk of your dog developing diarrhea and other digestive problems that grains can cause. Dog treats that contain healthy alternatives, such as quinoa, will provide your dog with vital nutrients, including protein and magnesium. These types of treats will help your dog meet nutritional requirements on a regular basis, especially when you are also getting dog food that is free of grains and fillers.

Keep in mind that it is still important to make sure most of your dog’s nutrition is coming from dog food rather than treats. While it is alright to give your dog treats from time to time, keep these amounts limited. In general, treats should only account for ten percent of your dog’s daily calorie intake.

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